TENKARA series

Product Code : TENKARA270、TENKARA330

Most modern tenkara rods are telescopic, but for those who are looking for a more authentic tenkara rod, we have made a rod with a modern version of traditional Japanese style connections (Inro tsugi).

The solid graphite tip allows for delicate presentations while the hollow shaft keeps it light weight. Using modern materials and techniques we have created an unprecedented graphite Tenkara rod with a traditional look.

The grip shape is the classic Campanella cigar grip using brown burnt burl cork.

Rod Details

  • Blank colour – Burgundy
  • Thread wrap - Desert sand
  • Trim wrap – NCP Tan/Ruby red
  • Grip shape - cigar
  • Reel seat- N/A
  • Cloth rod sock and rod case included


Model Length Line Weight Cost
TENKARA270 270cm 4Piece 48,000 yen
TENKARA330 330cm 5Piece 53,000 yen