About us

In 1999 Campanella was founded in Iwate, Japan. At Campanella we take pride in our handmade rods which are designed and crafted by the staff (who all flyfish) using feedback and opinions of the fishing community. All rod blanks are designed, rolled, and crafted in the shop.

“The creation of good tools or products come from the influence of the environment and culture that surrounds us. I believe that excellent rods are created from being surrounded by rich forests and the rivers the flow through them.”

“I believe the era of mass production and mass consumption is coming to an end, and from now on, people worldwide will appreciate the value of handcrafted work.

At Campanella the craftsmen work with the customer to create a one-of-a-kind rod.”

“The spirit of creation nurtured by nature and the climate of Iwate is the philosophy of Campanella.”

Campanella Hiroki Ishikawa